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Have you got what it takes?

To enable a 100% green society by developing kickass software

You want to work on cool products that offer a real challenge? Sounds logical.

Continuously develop yourself, learn from smart colleagues and get a little better every day? Of course.

Do you also want your work to make the world a little better? Yes, please.

Sound familiar? Then we're looking for you. Are you looking for us too?

Open positions

Software development - IoT & Cloud

What we value

Open and caring

We operate as one team with an open culture where everyone is there for each other

Move quickly

Enervalis is a young and dynamic hightech scale-up, backed by ABB E-mobility

Personal growth

Growing by continuously learning and developing is of paramount importance

Leap forward

Working at Enervalis is a leap forward for yourself and your career

Check out our awesome offices

Good to know

Do you offer remote work?

We offer a hybrid working environment of 2 days at the office, 3 days from home.

We feel this strikes the right balance between deep focus work, face-to-face collaboration and relationship building.

Also, we have a pretty cool office, surrounded by nature.

What does Enervalis do exactly?

Our IoT platform is a cloud solution for monitoring and optimizing energy assets in and around the home, with a strong focus on EV charging.

We use machine learning to lower energy costs, reduce CO2 footprint and help balance the grid through our Virtual Power Plant technology.

What does the hiring process look like?

After an introductory phone call, we arrange an in-depth interview with the lead and a senior member of the hiring team. The next step is an interview with our HR Manager and CEO, focusing on cultural fit.

If you ace those, we'll make you an offer!

What's the culture like?

We're a small group of about 30 people, organized around market segments. The team is open, trusting, and helping.

We work closely with our mothership, ABB E-mobility, to integrate Enervalis technology in ABB's market leading EV charging hardware.

What's it like to work at Enervalis?

Real impact

I can have an impact on a large scale, reducing the life cycle cost of renewables, through the "green" virtual power plant software solutions our team implements.

Combining architectural and detail-level development keeps me close to the team while designing new systems. Working with expert software engineers, data scientists and business specialists presents new challenges every day and keeps me moving forward personally and professionally.

- Brecht Baeten, Teamlead Software Development

Exciting technologies

As a data scientist, I get to work on state-of-the-art algorithms in smart energy management. From forecasting market prices to clustering electric vehicles and detecting outliers in energy consumption, Enervalis gives me the chance to work on exciting technologies in a not-overhyped subfield of AI and Machine Learning. I can see and monitor my solutions being used in real life as they are implemented fast.

Our team both helps me and challenges me in trying out new approaches, provides me with refreshing perspectives, and encourages me to grow as a data scientist and software developer.

- Tim Munters, Software Developer & Data Scientist